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Give Up Robot 3

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Give Up Robot 3 is the best continuation of game Give Up Robot full of more new actions and incredible graphics. Just like in the previous series, the Robot game is more challenging and interesting. The game developers always keep your mind rolling on what to expect and how to tackle the next challenge. The title of the game reflects one the mood you should have while playing, not to give up.

Game Give Up Robot 3 consists of 50 levels, which you unlock in a sequential manner. The trick of the game is strategy and planning the bricks to an eventual pattern. The arrow keys are for navigation through all directions, in an effort to place the right move. For some advanced gadgets, you may use additional gameplay tools for navigation.

With the grids and bricks in place, the challenge comes in choosing the right brick for what position. Mark you, the developer has created some hurdles and tricks to extend the challenge. The colorful screen can deter you from achieving the right foundation and completion pattern. It is therefore a practice makes perfect type of game, especially now that every new level has some challenge and new hurdles to tackle.

Although Give Up Robot 3 has graphics that are similar to those of many normal brick games, the hurdles and missions are quite different. For the normal mode, the play is simpler when compared to missions in the classical mode. Each mission has difficult levels in terms of brick realignment and placements. However, with each mission comes some added bonus and advantages that increase skill for unlocking the next levels.

In addition, given the nature of patterns and orientations of the game graphics, every player will see the difficulties in a different way. This is the focus of developers, to make a game interesting in more than one way, in an effort to include all individuals in the game. If you want a skillful game then Give Up Robot 3 online flash game is for you. Everybody can enjoy this game for free at official website, just visit and have fun.

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